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Angie Martinez – My Voice Audiobook (A Memoir)

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I was so delighted when I heard she was concerning Power 105 as I was not the biggest Hot 97 fan as well as was equally thrilled for this book to come out. I’m a fast viewers and also as soon as this downloaded and install to my kindle, I dove in head initially. Unquestionably though I’m refrained with it however I can tell you that this book is terrific & conveniently gets 5 stars. A genuine hip hop fan will certainly enjoy this memoir.And truth be told, I think any kind of fan of radio personalities and songs as a whole will certainly like this. My Voice Audiobook Free. I’ll be performed with it in a day or two, it’s that good. Basically, wonderful read by a terrific individual and also greater icon in hip hop. Purchase this, you’ll love it! I downloaded and install an example of this book out of interest after listening to a blog state her name concerning the partnership she had with Wendy Williams when she was on radio. Wendy was dreadful on Radio, she was all right into her coworkers company a lot Angie came to blows with her. Once I started reviewing I might not put down, it is well composed. I constantly had some interest concerning hip jump never a fan, yet guide describes a whole lot about the background that aided me recognize the rate of interest people have in the songs. She provided a lot of insight regarding Beyonce, Jayz, Puffy, Tupac … and so on … I am traditional and also had no clue what any one of the stories were in the news about them. understand all now. Completely amazing publication. If you’re a follower of the culture this publication is everything! Angie Martinez got me through some thangs … Her music I played out a lot my cd’s are damaged and I can not surpass certain tracks! But I couldn’t wait to read as quickly as guide came in. It really hit home as she mentioned the partnership with her dad and it reminded me almost precise to the relationship I have or don’t have with my own! I haven’t put the book down yet. NBA is on …: and my eyes are glued to the book! I just ended up reading this jewel, Angie Martinez’s publication, My Voice: A Memoir! Sooo freaking good! While growing up I admired Angie Martinez. She was a young, strong Puerto Rican lady that enjoyed hip hop, like myself. Although she was older, I saw myself in her. I listened to her regularly on Hot 97. I appreciated exactly how she stood real to herself, constantly stood her ground as well as asked her guests what we wanted to know, what she wished to know! She spoke openly with all of them and was as authentic as u can get, simply awesome as fudge (lol) and got along with all the people. Also, similar to my character. You could tell she was a good person and also adored hip hop. If you grew up in the 90’s, liked Angie’s Fight of the Beats reveal on Warm 97, like hip hop or just require some ideas in your life Read THIS PUBLICATION! Mannnnnnn Angie I was sleeping on it! I took means too long to review it but I am so grateful that I finally did. I absolutely loved whatever regarding it. From you not knowing what you wanted to be when you mature, early teen tales, to the Tupac meeting as well as countless hip hop tales you were apart of. Angie Martinez – My Voice Audio Book Download. It made me recollect, laugh, cry and helped to place the battery in my back. When you claimed you wished to embark on the bridge while running the marathon I busted out chuckling on the train whilst everyone looked lol. After that when I assumed it was throughout and could not wait to in fact write a testimonial, something I barely do and also I check out a great deal … you bless us much more with throw back images. This was a hip jump history lesson to a younger reader or a stroll down memory lane as well as behind the scenes stories for those people paying attention all those years. Thank you for attempting to diffuse the Big and also Tupac beef. You did something most parched journalists/radio individuality wouldn’t have actually hesitated about cuz all they care about are ratings. When you left hot 97, I can confess that I was angry in the beginning however as I started to think about it as well as you also made clear in this publication, it was simply time to proceed and also grow. You’ve motivated me to proceed to numerous things now. If I do not understand what the hell I’m doing, I’m still mosting likely to do my best and “show up”. I will certainly challenge myself and also run my own race.