Jonathan Hernandez – The Truth About Aaron Audiobook

Jonathan Hernandez – The Truth About Aaron Audiobook (My Journey to Understand My Brother)

Jonathan Hernandez - The Truth About Aaron Audio Book Free
The Truth About Aaron Audiobook Download

In a design that’s basic and achingly raw, Jonathan Hernandez tells the tale of his bro as well as best friend, Aaron. He does not attempt to canonize Aaron or make excuses for his habits, he simply sets out the story of an excellent athlete and loving youngster sibling whose downfall came fast and fatal. Along the road, Mr. Hernandez blends day-to-day family stories with unpleasant discoveries regarding whippings from an or else loving papa that dropped dead when Aaron was a young adult, Aaron’s years’ long molestation by a male sitter, his substance abuse, inadequate selections in friends, off-the-chart CTE numbers and also self-hatred due to his secret homosexuality. The Truth About Aaron Audiobook Free. As an author myself, I appreciate the method Mr. Hernandez takes a tale we all understand the ending of and also informs it so compellingly that I flew with it in one resting while fearing every brand-new development. Mr. Hernandez also isn’t scared to transform the mirror on himself, admitting his very own imperfections, making us really feel the discomfort he felt during the ordeal and also wondering, more than once, whether there was much more he could have done to conserve his brother. Mr. Hernandez states one of the major factors he composed The Reality Concerning Aaron was to encourage people in pain to look for assistance. I wish that happens, due to the fact that in my point of view, it took a great deal of guts to write this book. I began reading this book as well as could not place it down. Jonathon was truthful concerning his sibling’s altering individuality, the battles he had as well as the wrong people he selected to be friends with. He was genuine about their childhood, his Dad’s violent temper and also the struggles him and Aaron had maturing. Really unfortunate, yet very reasonable, a minimum of with me. I have never been able to wrap my head around why Aaron would certainly do things he did. After reading this publication, I recognize a little far better what CTE did to this young man. I’m not excusing whatsoever what he did yet I do think CTE played a large function in what took place.
I really cried when I read what Jonathon did at seeing his dead sibling for the first time. A bro he liked, that was his best friend maturing, a brother he still enjoys in spite of all that happened with Aaron.
This was just one of the most effective and also saddest publications I have actually checked out in a long period of time. I hope all the family members, consisting of Aaron’s, may someday locate tranquility. Thanks Jonathon for assisting me to better comprehend that Aaron was.
This book was much better after that guide Jose Baez composed. Although it was an excellent read for me, I came away with the impression that Baez really never invested that much time with Aaron. I didn’t feel he recognized him as much as he would certainly such as the general public to believe he did.

What I realized checking out Aaron’s story, is just how big a blunder it is to walk into any type of circumstance with preconceived judgment, to just believe the worse about somebody even if people are stating that so and so is bad, and not look for out on your own to develop your very own point of view regarding something or somebody no matter what is being sensationalized out there

Aaron was alone with his battles and also hardships from a really young age, he had a caring bro in Jonathan yet they were only 3 yrs apart whitch made his older brother also a child, therefore incapable to give any kind of real assistance. Jonathan Hernandez – The Truth About Aaron Audio Book Download. I could feel Jonathan’s love for his bro, his regrets, his sorrrow in each web page, it’s a really touching, terrible story, he had to divulged points that could not be simple for him but I comprehend that he needed to, that’s the only way that he can demonstrate how heavily burdened as well as tortured his sibling was

I was simply home from the hospital with my currently 5yr old son, when I saw Aaron being escorted out of his residence right into the cops squad car to never ever be complimentary once again, to never ever get home once again, I bear in mind being really sad for him and also for Odin, as well as I followed his tale after that

My takeaway from this publication is to never take joy in any individual’s death you never ever recognize what individuals are going through, Aaron was very unwell as well as he didn’t have a support group, every grownup in his life failed him, the schools, the trains, the New England Patriots hanged him bent on completely dry at the very first indication of problem when they had every chance to have assisted him prior to things took such a down turn, however utilized him instead.