N.R. Walker – Spencer Cohen Series, Book One Audiobook

N.R. Walker – Spencer Cohen Series, Book One Audiobook (The Spencer Cohen Series 1)

N.R. Walker - Spencer Cohen Series, Book One Audio Book Free
Spencer Cohen Series, Book One Audiobook Download

OK, exactly how have I never recognized that NR Pedestrian is Australian previously? I do not remember seeing it prior to, however recognized it when even when someone aside from Spencer was speaking (the only Australian in a story embeded in LA) non-American words and punctuations were made use of. However it’s no big deal, insufficient to be an obstacle to getting through the book.

I actually liked both MCs, yet was a little dissatisfied in the personality growth division. We don’t reach find out by Spencer’s family members & past, or why Andrew has such low self-esteem. And there is actually no resolution regarding WHY Andrew’s ex lover left or what was the deal with stringing him along. And also we never ever reach see how Andrew handles the last fight, we just get to check out it when Andrew offers Spencer an abbreviated replay. Spencer Cohen Series, Book One Audiobook Free. That component was a bit of a pulled down considering that plot tool consisted of half the tale. There’s also no sex in any way, and also every little thing tackles a practically PG tone.

I really did not mind that this publication was first in a series, since I assumed that each book was about a different “instance”. I had no suggestion that the entire series is Andrew & Spencer learning more about each other, so if you wish to potentially discover Spencer’s childhood years and/or past and the development of this connection, then you have no choice yet to read the remainder of the series. This installation was just 10 chapters; because instance, the author can have integrated it all right into one 30 chapter publication. I Love this Book/Series. Like Definitely, completely, entirely like these publications.
I’ve read this collection like 3 times, As well as now that I have them done in Audio too, they are being added to my re-listen checklist too.
After reading these publications the very first time, I loved Spencer as well as Andrew, and now after listening to this in Sound, Joel Leslie has actually made me fall in love with them all over again.
Just Great points to say about this publication and Narration. Seriously, if you are on the fence regarding this book or the Sound variation whatsoever. Simply get it!!!
Joel does such a great job with all the voices in this audiobook, between Spencer’s Aussie accent, as well as Andrews voice, and afterwards some of their friends/family some with various accents too. He has such a variety for his voice, Joel just excites me extra every time I hear him speak.
Now, This is the First Part of a Three book collection. And also while this publication 1 doesn’t necessarily end in a cliffhanger, (you can simply read this one and be excellent) you will absolutely wish to review the following two publications to get their entire full story.
Spencer, is an Aussie that relocated to the US/Los Angeles and also currently aids individuals try to fix their busted partnerships, or at the very least identify what went wrong. This task is ideal for Spencer, since it keeps him from getting also close and affixed to others, there is no other way he is placing his heart available just to get damaged once again. He meets Andrew as a customer. Andrew simply wants to try and also return with his ex-boyfriend, hes not quite sure what happened as well as why he left. But, the more time they spend together, the more they understand they both want the same end result. For Spencer and also Andrew to be together rather. This publication is so Charming as well as a great start to their tale. Spencer Cohen has an amazing life, after moving from Australia to L.A., he has fantastic friends as well. His job is a little less than typical, he’s employed to make believe to be the sweetheart of males or women, aiming to win an ex back. Weird … I know however it absolutely works. He’s employed by the sis of Andrew, seeking to recover his ex lover Eli. Spencer has never had an issue with his work before or “dropping” for his customers. Yet the min he fulfills Andrew, he knows there’s something there. Has Spencer finally located the one?? N.R. Walker – Spencer Cohen Series, Book One Audio Book Download. The more time that Andrew as well as Spencer spend together, the much more their destination expands, but Spencer isn’t sure if Andrew is really into him, or if he’s playing it up for Eli’s advantage.