Jennifer A. Nielsen – The Traitor’s Game Audiobook

Jennifer A. Nielsen – The Traitor’s Game Audiobook (The Traitor’s Game, Book 1)

Jennifer A. Nielsen - The Traitor's Game Audio Book Free
The Traitor’s Game Audiobook Download

Jennifer Nielsen does a terrific work of creating fiery characters who nearly quickly find themselves in trouble as much as their eyeballs. The Traitor’s Video game is no different. But this story complies with the fortunes as well as miseries of two main personalities, Kestra, the daughter of a really powerful guy in the country of Antora’s government, as well as Simon, a participant of the resistance group called the Coracks. After three years in expatriation, Kestra is on her method home when she and her entourage are waylay-ed. With her servants’ lives on the line, Kestra is forced into consenting to help the Coracks fetch a magical item supposedly hidden at her house of Woodcourt. Simon and a woman named Trina are sent with Kestra to make sure that she complies with orders. Yet Kestra has plans of her own and they don’t involve aiding traitors and betraying her own family members.

But as so usually takes place the strategies of Kestra, Simon, and also Trina do not go off without a hitch. The tension in between Kestra and also Trina threatens to thwart all their strategies as well as Simon’s feelings regarding the girl he made use of to know aren’t all disgust. The Traitor’s Game Audiobook Free. The point of view switches over in between Kestra and Simon, offering the visitor a glimpse right into the mind as well as heart of each as they struggle to achieve their goals. The stress between Simon and also Kestra goes back and forth between tourist attraction and loyalty to their particular reasons. Yet as Kestra faces her papa again and even Lord Endrick, the evil leader the Coracks are sworn to ruin, she starts discovering things that shake her belief in the life she’s constantly understood.

Locating the Olden Blade, which supplies the only hope of beating Lord Endrick, supplies Kestra a possibility of rescuing her servants and aiding her country. However both Kestra as well as Simon are strolling an extremely great line between commitment and also dishonesty. Is there any way out of this mess that leaves them both alive?

Nielsen has actually composed an action-packed, thriller of a story. Kestra and also Simon are both supportive characters that I found myself respecting, although they are on various sides as the story begins. However the writer does a fantastic task of creating a compelling story that I read quickly with lots of twists and turns. There are hints concerning where the tale is going to go however remarkably, the personalities understand even more about specific things than the viewers, which makes the discloses all the more of a shock. I can’t wait to read the following book!

Note: There is some physical violence in the book as a result of the nature of the tale (change). There is likewise some kissing. THE TRAITOR’S GAME is promptly and also completely riveting, immeasurably interesting, as well as filled to the brim with action, deceptiveness, keys, lies, dishonesty, as well as broken heart. The dual POV both exposes as well as teases. The world is fancy and also intriguing and also unsafe and thrilling. The personalities are captivating, mystical, tough, bold, and a bit untrustworthy. The story holds and twists and shocks as well as causes a phenomenally astonishing ending that mean simply a few of the amazingness to find in the follow up.

Kestra recognized the Dallisors had opponents. With her dad happy to do Lord Endrick’s bidding process, there were bound to be those who despised her family. She simply never pictured the amount of or that she ‘d have to secure herself versus. And she never thought a time would come when she could be persuaded right into helping them.

Simon took an oath to stand with those aiming to reclaim the throne, those seeking to defeat Lord Endrick. The rage he felt towards Kestra Dallisor for her betrayal was just gas on a fire already shedding. Jennifer A. Nielsen – The Traitor’s Game Audio Book Download. He never ever envisioned his loyalty would be examined or that he ‘d be the one to question it. He never fantasized he may one day need to protect the person he despised most worldwide.

Jennifer Nielsen presumed above and beyond with this initial book in her brand-new collection. Her world and also characters attract attention – corrupting magic, remarkable and also harmful creatures as well as tools, an appealing misconception, interesting as well as treacherous and also conniving buddies and opponents. The story is impressive and also packed with painful chases after, lethal attacks, intricate strategies, tough options, shaky alliances, unexpected results, damaging losses.